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Utah Medical Hearing Centers

A WordPress Website complete with Point of Sale and Contact Features

Into Your Sole

A WordPress Website with custom CSS and Design

Grand Slam Lawn Care

A Fully Custom Website complete with MySQL Databases

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Custom Mobile WebsitesMobile Websites created using all custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.
Back-End DevelopmentCustom Email and Database back-end creation, Adding the ability to send contact emails and surveys, then store the data into a MySQL database.
WordPress DesignDG Programming offers both fully custom and WordPress designed websites. Each having their own benefits.
DemographicsDG Programming creates stunning demographic content such as polls and surveys. Complete with a custom back-end using AJAX, simply store the data for later!

About DG

Hello, I am Doug Goldberg, creator of DG Programming. I am an IT Professional for a living, but my true passion is in Web Development. Weaving form with function, I enjoy creating smooth, well working, web content.
I have designed a series of websites for a few local businesses, and I am always looking to expand my portfolio.
Currently, I use DG Programming as a source to show my work to potential clients and employers.  I would love to work with you if you think you can add to my portfolio.